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ACR/ARTEX Promotes 406Test.com
The Only Fully Automated Through-The-Satellite Self Test System Available for 406 MHz ELTs

Fort Lauderdale—ACR and ARTEX have announced the continued success of 406Test.com, a subscription-based through-the-satellite self test for all 406 MHz Emergency Locator Transmitters (ELTs) providing both commercial and private pilots a low cost alternative that not only complies with FAA annual test requirements but offers a robust beacon and annual aircraft inspection database.

As opposed to commercial ELT testers that are priced as high as $5,000, those technicians responsible for maintaining fleets, fixed based operators as well as manufacturers and individual owners can pay as little as $60 to register for 406Test.com, which covers a registration fee and one ELT test. There is an additional $30 fee for each additional ELT tested.

"Because 406Test.com works with satellites, there is no equipment to buy or install," said Michael Wilkerson, General Manager for ACR Electronics, Inc. "Customers can create an account on www.406Test.com and quickly get started." Wilkerson said unlike other ELT testers, the 406Test.com through-the-satellite system does not require the ELT being removed from the aircraft and can be completed in as little as five minutes.

The simple to use 406Test.com system involves:

  • Writing down the ELT's unique ID number
  • Log into the account and enter the aircraft's information
  • Perform a self test of the plane's 406 MHz ELT
  • Instantaneously receive confirmation of successful test via SMS text message, as well as PDF certificate automatically sent by email.
  • Print the Compliance Certificate

According to Wilkerson, another benefit is the system’s maintenance management program, which allows users to house all vital aircraft, facility and beacon information in one easy to use database

Highlights include:

  • Track which ELT is being used in a particular aircraft
  • Receive e-mail reminders when an aircraft's annual inspection is due
  • Receive e-mail reminders for battery and registration replacements
  • Access ELT certificates from past years
  • Perform self testing more efficiently by having all aircraft, inspectors, facilities and ELTs pre-loaded into the system

The 406Test.com coverage includes North and South American landmasses and most of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans including Hawaii. Unlike cell phones and two-way radios, the system utilizes two geosynchronous GEOSAR satellites to provide dependable coverage.

For more information on the 406Test.com contact Gabriel Roura at Gabriel.Roura(at)cobham.com or go to www.406Test.com. ARTEX information is available at www.acrartex.com